5 Walmart Shoppers you Must Avoid this Holiday Season or Anytime

5 Walmart Shoppers you Must Avoid this Holiday Season or Anytime

They may possible be contagious, Walmart shoppers beware

Walmart shoppers beware, these five scary shoppers can cause permanent damage to your brainwaves. They may possibly be contagious. At the very least they can create confusion that lingers long after they are gone.

Post hippie zombies can be especially dangerous. They’re often still suffering delusions from past drug filled concerts. They are also prone to trances and passive aggressive acts of extreme polite aggression. Avoid these shoppers like a plague, they could possibly contagious, at the very least you may risk getting a lingering contact high from 1960 leftovers.

You should also avoid angry want to be porn stars. Aside from possible being contagious with known and yet to be discovered diseases, they have the ability to burn images into your brain. In fact they have been known to scar delicate brain tissue for life, avoid these Walmart shoppers at all cost.


One particular Walmart shopper that should be avoided is the bad parent shopper. These shoppers are sneaky, they blend in and appear normal though they can rear their ugly heads at any moment. They can leave you confused and angered, they also have the ability to fill you with shock and disbelief that will follow you throughout your entire lifespan. 


Be especially cautious of hungry cave monster Walmart Shoppers. They have been known to leave toxic excretions in their paths. In addition, they have violent tendencies and can attack innocent bystanders without warnings. It’s also rumored that they can feed on brain matter that controls your logical reasoning.

A final Walmart shopper that should be avoided is the all too common exhibitionist shoppers. They are a tricky group that appear harmless enough though in actuality can be quite dangerous and damaging. They walk down each isle burning unforgotten images into the brains of the innocent. Stay away from these shoppers your future mental health relies on your ability to avoid these damaging shoppers.