Beat the Winter Blah with These Cool sand Castles

Beat the Winter Blah with These Cool sand Castles

You know, mine never look that good, ever

I know that I’m only missing the winter and longing for the hot sun. I thought maybe you guys were too so I have searched long and hard for the greatest sand castles that will certainly make you smile. I’m not sure if they can all be called sandcastles, yet they are made of sand.

I’m not sure what I would call this one, maybe head in the sand or something like that. Regardless of my lack of name is this guy or what. I don’t know who made this, I do know that he made perfect detail and let’s be honest, haven’t we all for at least a moment wished we could push someone’s head in the sand, if only society would allow it?


I realize that creepy sand castle like bones aren’t exactly what most people would consider fun, however I had to include them. The whole seen, especially the treasure chest combined with the skeletons made me think of all those great pirate stories of childhood. Just thinking of the hors that me and my friends spent trying to figure out where the lost pirates treasure ended up makes me smile.


I had to include this final sand castle/ sculpture simply because I love the Simpsons. I know they can be silly and childish, but then so can I. That just might be why I love them. That and they rock. The one thing that would’ve have made this one even cooler is if they left just enough space for a person to climb in between two of the characters, if nothing else it would’ve made a perfect photo op.