Creepy Fun Island of the Dolls

Creepy Fun Island of the Dolls

A somewhat different vacation spot

I recently came across an interesting post on my Facebook page that spiked my interest to say the least.  Naturally since I have one of those most know every detail minds, I began searching every detail. My discoveries were intriguing, if you’re looking for a weekend getaway that can provide you with some creepy fun you have to go check out the Island of the Dolls.

The Island of the Dolls is just south of Mexico City and was the home of Don Julian Santana. Don, the only inhabitant  began his Island of the Dolls after he came across a young girl who had drowned. As time passed, Don began to think that the Island was haunted by the tragedy of this girl. In an effort to calm the hauntings of the island he began to tie thrown away dolls to the trees on the island.

He pulled out dolls that washed up on shore and also was able to get more dolls when he went into town. Towards the end of his life people would trade dolls for his grown fruits and vegetables. Often he wasn’t able to get his hands on complete dolls and only doll parts, so it’s common to see just an arm, leg or even a head.

Don passed awhile back and his family members have turned the Island of the Dolls into a tourist attraction. Many people flock from all areas to hike through the Island of the Dolls and pear into their hollow dead eyes. As soon as I can convince my husband to go to the Island of the Dolls, I will be making that same trip.