The Evolution of Humor

The Evolution of Humor

Innocent, Weird, Cute and Pain

Humor is constantly evolving just as people are constantly evolving. What was funny to those who walked before us is stupid today. What we find funny today would’ve been considered cruel and mean, possibly even sadistic.

In the 1950’s humor was characterized by innocent mishaps. Popular TV shows monopolized upon common household mistakes, such as burning thanksgiving dinner. It’s hard to really say why that was considered funny, though in its own way it was kind of cute.

By the 1970’s humor took a strange turn. New found intellectuals who dabbled one too many times with psychedelics were suddenly writing books, screenplays and everything in between. Mad magazine was at its highest point. People were watching TV shows like Monty Python’s Flying Circus, which ran from 1969 to 1974. Jokes ranged from slightly vulgar, to bitter to simply unclear.

The 1970’s led to the humor of the 1980’s, which though disturbing was also somewhat cute. People laughed at TV shows like Growing Pains, Charles in Charge and everyone’s favorite alien Alf. Girls acted stupid to be not only funny, also cute. Even seemingly intelligent girls used this tactic that can’t even be understood today.

Today are humor meter has surpassed any type of humor phase in the past. We laugh while watching shows like Two and a Half Men, Suburgatory and Trailer Park Boys. When we choose to watch videos online that are funny we measure it by how much someone suffered either emotionally or physically. Though it doesn’t stop there, we receive the greatest laugh when the one falling down just happens to be someone we know.

This is all the natural course of life. As we have changed so has the incidents that make us laugh. It might make you wonder, if we need someone to get hurt to laugh today what will they need in the future? In 20 years will decapitation be required to get a good laugh?