Free weekend fun

Free weekend fun

Need something to do during the cold months with your kids?

The winter months are upon us here in the Midwest, and though our first snow of the year is melting, there’s certainly more to come. We’re always on the lookout for cheap things to do indoors with our family, so I thought I’d take a moment to share a few of our ideas with you to share with your family.

Lowes and Home Depot workshops: We like to attend these free workshops whenever we can. The stores provide free kits to build things, from race cars to bird houses to seasonal gifts, for free. Home Depot even provides paint for you to glam your project up! Not only do they cost you absolutely nothing, they also give you lots of freebies. We’ve gotten goggles, aprons and certificates, in addition to the monthly projects themselves! My daughter also gets a pin or a patch for her aprons.

Bass Pro Shops: We haven’t attended one of these yet, but I hear they have family events going on just about every month with all kinds of games and activities for kids to do. The closest one to us is a bit of a drive, but we might try it out sometime.

Michaels' Make and Take Projects: Select Michaels stores offer free workshops for kids on some weekends. You often have to buy the materials or another product to participate, but it’s generally pretty cheap. You can also sign up for a Jo Ann’s craft store class for half-price during open house once a month.

Garden Club: This year we are going to try to attend some St. Louis Garden Club events. They meet once a month at various locations, and it’s also free. Check with your local metropolitan area to see if similar city-wide programs are available for the public.

Library Programs: Speaking of the public, the library—and the rec center—are our favorite places to go for free! We do pay a monthly membership to the latter, but it pays for itself in a single week of use. You can swim, play sports, read books, attend craft workshops, and do so much more. I’m telling you, these are gold resources that many people simply overlook.

Bounce Places: If you have a local Monkey Joe’s, Bounce U, or other similar place, you know these are great for getting all of that winter energy out! They cost nearly the same, but at Monkey Joe’s you can stay all day, while at Bounce U you usually have to make a reservation f (and it’s pretty affordable if you buy a pass for multiple discounted sessions) or open play to stay for only an hour and a half or so (which is a good amount of time, of course). Also, MJ’s is for kids under 12, while Bounce U welcomes all ages—which is good for parents who want to bounce, too!