Fun Food Designs that lets you Eat Art

Fun Food Designs that lets you Eat Art

If Only my Mom had let me Play with my Food

If my mom only knew back then, what I know now. I had an extremely active imagination and suffered endlessly every single time that I sat down to eat. It wasn’t that I didn’t like what I was given, it was really due to my need to turn my food into something, something that I could be proud to eat, my Mom didn’t see this, she simply smiled tirelessly and told me once again not to play with my food.

What my Mom didn’t know back then is that one day I could honestly make a more than modest living by playing with my food. There are all kinds of food companies and caterers that are specifically chosen for their artistically styled food. These unbelievable creators apparently didn’t listen when their Mom’s told them to stop playing with their food.



My Mom struggled the most getting me to eat my veggies. Some amazing creations are made from veggies, such as this detailed fiery dragon, I definitely would’ve eaten that. There are other designs that are simple that anyone could do, such as turning a salad plate into a flower garden by using fresh spinach for leaves and adding garnishes to make a big smiley face on top of the flower.


Now this is the one I really could have made money on. After all there’s a company that sales only carved pieces of fruit that are placed together in a basket to look just like a flower basket. Had I had time I’m sure I would have eventually gotten around to a fruit based flower basket.


My sandwiches were always especially boring to me. When you really think about it, they’re just 2 pieces of bread with something in the middle. That absolutely isn’t the case with this incredible alligator sandwich, which by the way looks like a rather healthy sandwich made of bread and veggies.

Main Courses

It only makes since that art should be joined with the main course, the centerpiece of the table. There are several types of artistic main course foods, however I came across this Winnie the Pooh and knew I had to include this. I took Winnie the Pooh with me everywhere and if I had the chance to eat him, I know I would have proudly eaten my childhood idol.