Fun Theme Parks and Winners of the 2011 Theme Park Awards

Fun Theme Parks and Winners of the 2011 Theme Park Awards

It looks like the same winners that always win

If you absolutely love theme parks and are considering booking tickets for your next family theme park getaway then you’ll want to make sure that you go to the best. These three theme parks have won the theme park awards last year. Either of these will be a great vacation spot that’s certain to make every member of your party happy.


Universal's Islands of Adventure in Orlando Florida has again been named as one of the best theme parks. Certainly understandable with is long list of attractions and events. Universal has some great rollercoasters like the Incredible Hulk and Dr. Dooms Fearfall. There are also plenty of water rides to beat the Florida heat and a large variety of kiddie rides for your younger party members.  Universal is also known for their exciting fun shows, so make sure you set aside a little time to see the amazing nonstop action that Universal has to offer.

Busch Gardens was a winner though I have to admit this one actually surprised me. I had been to Busch Gardens when I was younger and it really wasn’t that great. Upon further inspection I quickly realized they have come a long way, in fact I may have to travel down to Florida and check out all of the new rides at Busch Gardens.

A final winner is none other than Disney's California Adventure, what a surprise. No seriously it’s Disney, I’ve personally never been to Disneyland however I have been to Disneyworld numerous times and to this day I’m still not sure that I’ve made it through the entire park. Of course maybe if I didn’t have to ride the same rides over and over then I might get to see the rest of the park, I completely blame Space Mountain.