Funny Church Signs

Funny Church Signs

I'm not sure if they're really that out of touch or if they are in fact perverse after all

If you want to laugh it usually isn’t too hard to find something funny. There’s one part of my sense of humor that is certain to one day send me to hell, though I’m still not certain that it exists. It’s that part that has led me to my latest collection of lmao church signs, believe me they have made it easy.

The Cornerstone House of Refuge Apostolic Church is hosting a anal convention and apparently they’re over joyed about it. I kind of thought that a letter or two might have fell off. Though I’m now certain that it reads just how it’s supposed to, adding various letters just doesn’t work.



The Christian Life Center is promoting and hosting Porn. Let me just say that I hadn’t really planned on going to church, however this may be just enough to get me there. Then again maybe not, it might just be mission style porn and that just doesn’t sound all that exciting even though the idea of porn in a church is rather intriguing. It could also be the opposite, I mean maybe there’s a reason that people refuse to miss a single Sunday. They do actually seem happy when they leave, just saying.


The North Waterboro Baptist church probably didn’t mean their sign the way I took it. Regardless, they make my sign collection, after all they should have stepped back and read their sign. They had to have known that any sign messages referring to Jesus entering you was definitely being plastered online.