Have a Little Laugh with Pittsburgh Dad

Have a Little Laugh with Pittsburgh Dad

Popular Consensus, "That's my dad"


If you loved Shit My Dad Says then you absolutely must take a quick look at Pittsburgh Dad. This is a series of online shorts that you can find on YouTube. The first short brought in over 20,000 views and has showed Chris Preksta the director and Curt Wooton , the actor that they just may have broken into a deep American core of the Father figures that we all remember somewhere along the long line of growing up.


These shorts show Chris, as the dad in a continuous state of frustrating yelling at you guessed it his kids. With any luck this just may turn into more but we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed for now. In the meantime, watch a few of these shorts and tell me if you don’t think this guy out does William Shatner in the canceled series, Shit my Dad Says. He plays his part so perfectly that you really believe that he’s really on some tangent with his own children. One point about these shorts is that they do use a little slang specific to Pittsburg, though not really a big deal, you can easily decipher by everything else that’s being said in the short.

These shorts continue to receive numerous comments with the most popular comment being, “that’s my dad.” If you like these guys, you can follow them on twitter, which I will be doing momentarily. Additionally, they also have a Facebook page that you can like, so that you can keep up with their newly developed shorts. I will also be liking them as soon as I get over to Facebook.