The Illusive Weekend

The Illusive Weekend

This is my first fun report post. With that being said...

I would like to mention the biggest thing that will typically put a law-abiding tax paying working stiff’s state of mind in a fun perspective.

Introducing! The weekend! Who doesn’t love the weekend? Culturally this is known as the down time of the week. You go through the daily grind and put up with Monday through Friday. Then the weekend strikes and marks a change of pace.

The weekend excites most people, because it allows them to jump out of normal, daily routine if they so desire. Whether with their friends or family, the weekend is when most people spend time with those that they care about the most in their lives. It means going to bed when you feel like it, because there’s no work in the morning. It means pulling on your comfy clothes and just kicking back.

Calvin Harris has a song about those luscious 55 hours in between 5pm Friday night to midnight Sunday night. On Friday night, why not treat yourself to a cheap delicious happy hour with co-workers off the clock. Haven’t any idea where to find a good happy hour? Don’t worry, Gotime has you covered. Click here for an abundance of ideas based on the time you want to go to happy hour, the day of the week (Friday, obviously), and the neighborhood in your city.

If you like to build anticipation for the weekend, these folks have a very simple, yet nifty little tool that may benefit, check it out here! Then relax and enjoy yourself for goodness sake, you’ve earned it. Cheers!