Online Games

Online Games

Why do we play them?


We have all played online games at one point or another. Many people play online games on a day to day basis. If you ever doubt that fact, all you have to do is go to your Facebook page and look at all the game requests that you get throughout the day.

I'm certainly guilty of playing online games; currently I'm playing Storage Wars. Facebook isn't the sole choice for online game play. Pogo was one of the first sites designed for playing games. In fact one of my favorite games, the Alchemist, is hosted on Pogo.


There's also endless online game sites that allow you to earn points that can be redeemed for various prices. I know GSN is one site that allows you to play games for points and then redeem your points for prizes. For the typical amount of points that are needed it would seem like it may take forever to actually get a prize, however if you're going to play the games anyway you just as well save up your points. It certainly couldn't hurt.

Actual cash competitions are another popular choice for online game play. The best-known game site that offers cash games is World winner. I've actually played on World winner a long time ago and managed to rake in $165. Unfortunately my winning streak ended there.

Whether you play for fun, prizes or actual cash, you can be certain that there is a website somewhere that can offer you all the online game play you could ever want and then some. We'll probably never know whether the online games are fun or a simple diversion to boredom. Regardless of why they're played online games will always be available for online enjoyment.