Ronald McDonald’s magic show

Ronald McDonald’s magic show

The kids are lovin’ it.

As part of our giant summer of mostly-free fun and my aunt’s vacation, we signed up for the library’s annual Ronald McDonald Magic Show. You have to sign up for the summer reading program to attend—we always meet our quota of summer books by the end of the first week, anyway!—and you have to sign up early, because it’s PACKED. It’s full for a good reason, though; the show is fun and funny, and the kids always have a blast. You can see part of a show yourself here.

During the show, Ronald—a goofy guy with a giggle and plenty of jokes, not a lot like the clown I feared as a child—does lots of interactive tricks with the kids, from juggling and combining rings, magically coloring a book and then losing the color with the kids, cutting and reattaching a rope, and more. Instead of any other magical words you might think about, he has them say the word “Please!” prior to any magic happening; he also uses goofy words like “McBummer!” and “I made a Mcboo-boo!” which made a few of the adults chuckle, too.

My daughter wanted to sit in my lap for this show, which she did the previous summer, too. She’s fearless, wanting to sit with the rest of the kids for any other show—including ones featuring pythons and spiders—but when it comes to the clown, she’s gotta have mommy. I wonder if this is hereditary.

Still, she laughed a lot, as did I; can you help it with someone acting so silly? He didn’t really advertise the fast food chain much; instead, he extolled the benefits of the library, which was a little confusing because he did it so quickly, without it making a lot of sense. That’s okay, though; the kids were much more interested in him making masks and American flags out of torn tissue paper.

We sat on the side this time, so while I’m not sure if my daughter caught it or not, my husband and I were definitely able to see how at least three of the tricks worked—which was sad. I know I’m a grown-up, but I still want to believe in this magic!

I’m not sure how you can book a McMagic Show at your group event, but I would imagine that you could head to your nearest McDonald’s and ask about it. Even if you’re not a big fan of the restaurant, the show would likely be enjoyable for all of your guests.