Silly Comedy

Silly Comedy

And Why I Don't Like It

I need to talk a little about comedy today. I am a fan of all of it. I watch and absorb as much as I can. As a comedy writer I feel it’s my duty to check out every new trend in comedy and read the tea leaves and see where comedy is headed. Except I have one little problem. I can’t stand silly comedy. I don’t know what it is just something about does not connect with me. Even more so it tends to rub me the wrong way to the point where I actively dislike silly shows and films.

Yes, all comedy is can be silly but I want to focus on a certain types of silly comedies. I’m not talking about trite children films or the last ten years of Eddie Murphy comedies those movies are just bad. Silly to me represents something different in comedy. This is where I offend every person who loves comedy I just don’t like Monty Python. Yeah, I said it. I just never got the big deal. I dig what they represent to comedy and I grant they have had a ton of influence on people I respect but to me it just doesn’t work. And I realized the other day is because they tend to do silly comedy. Not to be confused with dumb comedy; which is a different category of comedy all together.

Silly comedy always seems like smart people acting stupid with a wink saying I know we are smart but look how stupid we are acting. To me and this is just my opinion but it shows a lack of nerve to invest in there own comedy. Silly comedy really has nothing to say it just always look likes talented people watering down their ability just to show they can. This is doesn’t impress me and it doesn’t make me laugh. I know this little article just took a turn for mean but I realize I might not be the only person that feels this way. They aren’t treating a dark subject in a silly matter just to make a point, it always seems like they are trying to have there cake and eat it to. This all kind of hit me one day as I sat watching Stella. The Comedy Central show from a few years back staring David Wain, Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter; it’s a simple show starring three people I’ve seen be funny in other places. As I sat there and watched this show and all I could do was maybe chuckle. It doesn’t really go for laughs it just goes for that “Gee, aren’t we just being silly, you should laugh.”

This is just lazy writing to me. They aren’t investing in characters that would mean risking making themselves look bad. To me silly can be done right when you create a character whose world view or way of acting brings out the reality in the silliness. To just be silly and expect me to laugh just doesn’t cut it anymore. I’ve come to expect more from my comedy and it’s about time that these smart great comedians start showing me something better.