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He Puts His Pee in My Mouth

The scary truth about pee habits

He put his pee in my mouth. Maybe not my mouth, but still a mouth all the same. Often a rather strange mouth that personally would scare me away, I guess I now have to admit that guys really are braver than I’ll ever be.

Political minded individuals that have the need to get their true feelings out can pee in George Bush’s mouth. So far that’s the only choice they have. I can think of a few other choice politicians that might make great urinals, however they have not yet been created. Once they are made, I just might try to learn how to use one, although when I picture it that would actually change the whole point into something completely different.

All of you Demon lovers will be happy to know that you can now pee in the demon of your choice. I believe it has been rumored that pee has had ritualistic properties in many dark arts. I can’t say for certain since I avoid such literature at all cost.

Then there is the great functional yet possibly avoidable Toilet Bar. The bar seats are lipstick colored wide mouth urinals, which are hungry for the latest patrons pee. I’m not sure if you stand in front of it, straddle it or lean on it, all I’m really sure about is that you’d be drinking in a small room filled with urinal mouths and that would have to interfere with the taste of your drink.

The urinal that would make me the most hesitant to use is the crazy mouth urinal. This guy is extremely vibrant in color, which would probably distract me. The thing that would really scare me is that he kind of has a hungry look about him and I believe that would have me not wanting to expose myself in my most vulnerable state.