Louis CK's $5 Special Experiment
Why trusting your fans is profitable
Dec 17, 2011
Best Crazy, Stupid and Fun State laws
I just hope they don't end up with a Nazi Policeman
Dec 16, 2011
The Illusive Weekend
This is my first fun report post. With that being said...
Dec 13, 2011
5 Walmart Shoppers you Must Avoid this Holiday Season or Anytime
They may possible be contagious, Walmart shoppers beware
Dec 9, 2011
Have a Little Laugh with Pittsburgh Dad
Popular Consensus, "That's my dad"
Nov 25, 2011
A Fun Surprise
A Fun Band called Fun
Nov 19, 2011
Winter Time Fun
Snowy weather can bring hours of fun
Nov 11, 2011
Five Shades of Comedy
Jeff Dunhams Best Puppets
Nov 5, 2011
A UK Man Mistakes the Full Moon For a UFO!
"You're not going to believe this...but it's the moon."
Oct 29, 2011
Discoveries of the Past that Make You Laugh
I never even realized how funny Leslie Nielson is...
Oct 28, 2011
Oct 21, 2011
Start Planning Your Halloween Practical Jokes!
Oct 1, 2011
Crazy, Stupid Love is Crazy, Stupid, and Wonderful
Aug 13, 2011
Funny Or Die- We Have a Problem
Jul 24, 2011
Kyle Kinane on Trader Joe's
Jul 14, 2011