July 2011

Kyle Kinane on Trader Joe's

Do you love Trader Joe's? I love Trader Joe's. I also cannot be trusted there anymore, because spending 40 dollars on delicious prepackaged snacks is not a sustainable lifestyle, no matter how tasty the green tea mochi is (note: it's extremely tasty). Everything is like two dollars and so I want 20. Then I leave the register wondering how I racked up such a bill when everything is so darn cheap. I've never been good at math. 

Kyle Kinane also loves Trader Joe's. Thanks to him, every time I go, I can make believe I'm on an adventure. See, for him, Trader Joe's is not just a discount grocery store. It's a trading post where traders barter their goods, which they've rounded up from across the globe. Even the most mundane activities, like procuring the groceries that you need for survival, suddenly become exciting when you think of them in terms of worldwide travel. Preferably if it's in a zeppelin.