November 2011

Have a Little Laugh with Pittsburgh Dad

Popular Consensus, "That's my dad"


If you loved Shit My Dad Says then you absolutely must take a quick look at Pittsburgh Dad. This is a series of online shorts that you can find on YouTube. The first short brought in over 20,000 views and has showed Chris Preksta the director and Curt Wooton , the actor that they just may have broken into a deep American core of the Father figures that we all remember somewhere along the long line of growing up.


A Fun Surprise

A Fun Band called Fun


Did you guys know that there’s a band called Fun and the funny part is that they’re actually fun. Ok maybe that wasn’t that funny, but hey 5 cups of coffee later and anything seems to be fun.

Winter Time Fun

Snowy weather can bring hours of fun

As winter approaches and we are all forced to say goodbye to our fun filled days of outdoor sports, swimming and waterskiing; we are faced with finding fun winter activities. This can at times be difficult as the winter months can be bleak. In an effort to keep on fun meter on high, I have picked out some top snowy weather attractions.

Seacoast Snow Park is a favorite with many for snow tubing. It’s located in Windham Maine. They sell tubing passes in time blocks so that only the amount of time spent on the snow needs to be paid for. For those of us who love tubing yet dread walking up a snow covered hill, they have snow lifts in operation.

For the more traditional downhill skiing Ober Gatlinburg is a top skiing destination, at least in my book it is. The thing that makes this Ober Gatlinburg so great, aside from the remarkable mountains to ski or snowboard down is the unbelievable views that are second to none. They also have ski instructors on site at all times for any of us who may need a little instruction.

If you’re anything like me, then you may want a little warmth with your snowy adventure. A great destination that provides both is the Wisconsin Dells. At the Dells you can play to your heart’s content in the snow and then walk into one of their many 80 degree indoor water parks. The Dells is famous for having themed water parks that for me seem to add to the overall fun.

Five Shades of Comedy

Jeff Dunhams Best Puppets

Jeff Dunham is famed for his ability to speak through his puppets effortlessly. He changes voices between them, keeps up with their movements and has created as many fans for his individual puppets as he has created for himself. I like most of his puppets, however my favorite would have to be Peanut.


Peanut has a huge following. He's very high energy and constantly creating mischief. He's known to be to the point and at times embarrassing for Jeff, of course Jeff put the words in his mouth so he can't actually be embarrassed. if you haven't seen Peanut in action, check out this short clip.