December 2011

Creepy Fun Island of the Dolls

A somewhat different vacation spot

I recently came across an interesting post on my Facebook page that spiked my interest to say the least.  Naturally since I have one of those most know every detail minds, I began searching every detail. My discoveries were intriguing, if you’re looking for a weekend getaway that can provide you with some creepy fun you have to go check out the Island of the Dolls.

Louis CK's $5 Special Experiment

Why trusting your fans is profitable
There are folks in the entertainment industry who would like nothing more than to ensure the media we pay to enjoy is watched only by us via very specific channels. These people probably wish we could all go back to the era of VHS and cassette, back when movies and music and TV shows were very difficult to copy and distribute freely, back when your ownership of a certain piece of media was marked by the ownership of a physical object. But those days are gone; all our media is invisible and intangible, and those who stand to profit from the purchase of media are floundering about trying to find ways to track those who buy their creations. Some people are real jerks about it. Then there are people like Louis CK, who see the digital revolution as a way to reach even more people than ever before.
Louis CK is a comedian at the top of his game. His shows sell out huge auditoriums, his "sitcom" (if you can call it that--if you haven't seen it, go do that right about now, it's a truly remarkable work of dark comedy) is being praised by all the right people, and everyone across the internet seems to be quoting his snippets of incisive wisdom. He's a smart dude who sees into places in the human brain that not everyone sees right away, and he knows how to turn his findings into hilarity. He also has proven that you don't need to keep a tight lid on distribution in order to turn a profit on a piece of media.

The Illusive Weekend

This is my first fun report post. With that being said...

I would like to mention the biggest thing that will typically put a law-abiding tax paying working stiff’s state of mind in a fun perspective.

Introducing! The weekend! Who doesn’t love the weekend? Culturally this is known as the down time of the week. You go through the daily grind and put up with Monday through Friday. Then the weekend strikes and marks a change of pace.

5 Walmart Shoppers you Must Avoid this Holiday Season or Anytime

They may possible be contagious, Walmart shoppers beware

Walmart shoppers beware, these five scary shoppers can cause permanent damage to your brainwaves. They may possibly be contagious. At the very least they can create confusion that lingers long after they are gone.

Post hippie zombies can be especially dangerous. They’re often still suffering delusions from past drug filled concerts. They are also prone to trances and passive aggressive acts of extreme polite aggression. Avoid these shoppers like a plague, they could possibly contagious, at the very least you may risk getting a lingering contact high from 1960 leftovers.