January 2012

Funny Church Signs

I'm not sure if they're really that out of touch or if they are in fact perverse after all

If you want to laugh it usually isn’t too hard to find something funny. There’s one part of my sense of humor that is certain to one day send me to hell, though I’m still not certain that it exists. It’s that part that has led me to my latest collection of lmao church signs, believe me they have made it easy.

Fun Food Designs that lets you Eat Art

If Only my Mom had let me Play with my Food

If my mom only knew back then, what I know now. I had an extremely active imagination and suffered endlessly every single time that I sat down to eat. It wasn’t that I didn’t like what I was given, it was really due to my need to turn my food into something, something that I could be proud to eat, my Mom didn’t see this, she simply smiled tirelessly and told me once again not to play with my food.