February 2012

Fun Theme Parks and Winners of the 2011 Theme Park Awards

It looks like the same winners that always win

If you absolutely love theme parks and are considering booking tickets for your next family theme park getaway then you’ll want to make sure that you go to the best. These three theme parks have won the theme park awards last year. Either of these will be a great vacation spot that’s certain to make every member of your party happy.

So Stupid it's Funny

Yes for the most part we did elect them...

Those politicians and political mouthpieces of ours say some pretty stupid things. Oddly, when they  open their mouths to speak the words that will eventually cause them a great deal of speculation and downright ridicule it’s apparent that they believe they are being wise and intelligent. They must, unless it’s the opposite and they just think the rest of us our stupid and have decided to proceed with the ideology of “when in Rome.”