March 2012

The Evolution of Humor

Innocent, Weird, Cute and Pain

Humor is constantly evolving just as people are constantly evolving. What was funny to those who walked before us is stupid today. What we find funny today would’ve been considered cruel and mean, possibly even sadistic.

In the 1950’s humor was characterized by innocent mishaps. Popular TV shows monopolized upon common household mistakes, such as burning thanksgiving dinner. It’s hard to really say why that was considered funny, though in its own way it was kind of cute.

Should the Milwaukee Dahmer Tour be seen as Fun or just too wrong?

There is a new tour that walks people through the streets that Jeffrey Dahmer walked in search of his victims. It points out buildings that at one time had housed the very gay bars that Dahmer would frequent. The same bars that he lured numerous victims out of. The tour has met controversy and protestors, including a sister of one of the victims.  


There is certainly a part of me that would be drawn to taking part in a Dahmer tour or for that matter any serial killer tour. I would even enjoy it and consider it as a fun once in a lifetime opportunity, though in the end I would pass it by. I would pass on it mainly for the sake of victim family members. This isn’t a serial killer that took lives long ago, Dahmer killed between 1987 through 1991 with one exception dating back to 1978. This points to the fact that the bulk of the Dahmer killings were committed just barely over a decade ago and for family members it’s certainly still raw.

Just Grin and Bear It

It Could Be Fun!

Yesterday I had to host my child’s first homeschooling science club meeting. It wasn’t something that I particularly wanted to do because I’m a shy person—especially around groups of people, let alone individuals I don’t know—and I get very nervous.

I get so nervous, in fact, that I sometimes even stutter. So you can imagine how my hands were sweating before meeting these 22 different families with their multiple kids. I had volunteered to get this one started (our homeschool group had a high school science club started, so we wanted one for the younger children) but I had hoped that other parents would take leadership roles as well, which didn’t really happen.